Congrats on the quarter. But it's the direct sales organization that finds the cloud architects and application architects coming in through, whether that's DevOps or the operations side of the business, and brings Dynatrace in usually at the time of scale-out of an enterprise cloud. Earlier this month, we announced an important new purpose-built module to the Dynatrace all-in-one platform, Digital Business Analytics. Oracle, the world’s second-largest software maker, had called Silicon Valley home since the company’s 1977 founding.Despite Lanai being such a small island -- with only one school and no stoplights -- residents rarely see Ellison around town, though that may change now that he’s officially moved there.“Nobody knows what his schedule is,” said Alberta de Jetley, a longtime resident of the island and founder of Lanai Today, the island’s monthly newspaper, which she sold to Ellison in 2019. Has the stock market come on too far, too fast? The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit new session highs midday as Apple rallies and lawmakers set to discuss a coronavirus stimulus deal. To receive updates for this company you can register by emailing or by clicking get investment info from the company's profile. We've been successful in moving our Classic customer base to the new Dynatrace platform because virtually every company has new enterprise cloud initiatives. And with our powerful AI engine, Davis, at the core of our platform Dynatrace Digital Business Analytics instantly surfaces answers to degradations and anomalies with precise problem determination across the entire delivery chain so that human action can be taken rapidly to resolve issues before users and revenue are impacted. Munger also warned against aggressive monetary easing policies. We don't just do observability, we actually do automation and intelligence, which drive greater business value. We also realized a modest upward expense leverage in the second quarter, and therefore, non-GAAP operating margin was 23%, up from 17% in the second quarter of '19. The last financial measure that I would like to discuss is remaining performance obligation, which at the end of the quarter was $653 million, an increase of 83% over Q2 of last year. But over time, we'll expand that monetization opportunity, as I said, some additional analytics become available and some other pieces that we have on the road map to extend our functionality in this area to fit the business user needs. There are two ARR growth drivers in our business. [Operator instructions] Please be advised that today's conference is being recorded. What we try to do is actually solve customer problems and help them drive better business outcomes. Learn more. Let me share an example of one of the many meaningful customer expansions during the quarter. As we are still in the early innings of Dynatrace adoption, most of our expansion is driven by customers deploying our platform into new application stacks. So that's how we go-to-market today. ( 108,061 followers) Dynatrace, Inc. (NYSE: DT) Q4 2020 Results Earnings Conference Call. "I can remember having a five-course filet mignon dinner in Omaha for 60 cents when I was a little boy. So, there's plenty of headroom. With that, we will open the call for questions. Over the last 12 months, 58% of our Dynatrace customer growth has been the result of new logos to the company. Web-scale environments, which were a novelty just a couple of years ago, are becoming commonplace as enterprises shift from static on-premise data centers to dynamic multi-cloud architectures with highly distributed microservices workloads. Investor's Business Daily. Ellison is the main employer of Lanai’s 3,000 residents. He said that Sequoia had made more money than anybody.See more from Benzinga * Click here for options trades from Benzinga * Asia Slips, Europe Mixed On Tighter Curbs, Looming Lockdown Fears * Google Kills Its Google Home Max Smart Speaker Line(C) 2020 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is making it harder for taxpayers to conceal cryptocurrency transactions. The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank after President Donald Trump issued a coronavirus stimulus demand. 2 Likes. Maybe a little bit more color there will be helpful. This is particularly exciting for us for two reasons. And we also added support for the clustering of clusters, including cross-cluster distributed tracing or scalability without limits. I'm just trying to help people understand the difference on that. Matt Hedberg -- RBC Capital Markets -- Analyst. You'd be sitting on $612,162 if you invested $1k in each of these stocks picked by Motley Fool. You offer a separate SKU there, obviously. Maybe the last thing I ought to say in the competitive landscape front is we really don't overlap, certainly not yet, with some of these other competitors coming out of the infrastructure space. Sure. After looking at a number of cloud monitoring solutions, the insurer selected Dynatrace as they've determined that it was the only platform that could show them the cost of outages in the context of application performance and how degradations and performance impacted their call center operations. A number of our early adopter customers are using this functionality today, including fashion retailer outlets. In summary, we are very pleased with our second-quarter performance and remain focused on building a strong track record as a public company. Sure. Your next question will come from the line of Bhavan Suri of William Blair. During the course of today's call, we'll refer to certain non-GAAP financial measures as defined by Regulation G. The GAAP financial measure most directly comparable to each non-GAAP financial measure used or discussed and a reconciliation of the differences between each non-GAAP financial measure and the comparable GAAP financial measure can be found within our second fiscal quarter 2020 earnings press release in the Investor Relations section of our website at Brokerages expect Dynatrace, Inc. (NYSE:DT) to post $0.13 earnings per share (EPS) for the current quarter, according to Zacks Investment Research. We are seeing a nice step-up in subscription gross margin percent where we are realizing the benefits of winding down the Classic stack and, more importantly, the benefits of the Dynatrace platform, which has 1 code base and over 90% of our customers on a version released within the last 30 days, an extremely efficient product. In general, the greenfield is about 1/3 of what we see. “The answer is no. The Ascent is The Motley Fool's new personal finance brand devoted to helping you live a richer life. And then seeing the net expansion north of 120% is great. She serves on the board of HubSpot and served as a Director of Carbon Black and Adaptive Insights, among others. This is Parthiv on for Brent. Before we start, I'd like to draw your attention to the Safe Harbor statement included in today's press release. Dedicated to both the professional and the average traders, IN offers timely, trusted and relevant financial information for virtually every investor. We're really excited about it. So, in summary, our execution across our key performance indicators remain strong. At least one Tesla analyst says the company's lofty stock price should come crashing down to $60 to $80 a share. But then you guys are just offering something that is very unique in the market because none of the other APM guys have really rewritten, and you guys are solving one of the most complex issues out there. We don't just try to put more metrics out than somebody else. And the stat that I think Kevin gave you, which is 58% over trailing 12 months, 58% of the new customers added to the Dynatrace platform, somewhere a little over 900 customers there, 58% have been new logos to the business. Our current Dynatrace ARR per customer is north of $200,000, and we continue to believe that there's a large opportunity for further expansion in our existing customer base. Stock Advisor launched in February of 2002. MongoDB, Inc. (MDB) Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript. Nobody has gotten by with the kind of money printing now for a very extended period without some kind of trouble," he said. Well, our business analytics are directly connected with performance, user experience, and connected all the way down into infrastructure and virtual network elements that may or may not be affecting performance issues. It's also the team you assemble around you. The world has really changed," he quipped. Davis' ability to provide precise root cause problem identification for faster decision-making, greater optimization of IT resources and better business outcomes led to the selection of the Dynatrace software intelligence platform. Earnings Call Transcripts… Learn more. Turning to our balance sheet. So, from a competitive landscape perspective, we haven't seen much change, honestly, since we last talked. Munger called technology "a killer and an opportunity." Edited earnings call transcripts of Dynatrace Inc (DT) stock Open a support ticket or view your previous tickets for help with Dynatrace, NAM, AppMon, or Synthetic Classic. We continue to run ahead of plan on moving Classic customers on to the Dynatrace platform. It's about assuring better business outcomes by adopting measure by user experience, conversion rates, increased revenue or enhanced brand loyalty. Well, today, I would say that from the sort of -- if you're asking what's the order of magnitude of the monetization, I'd say that it's in the sort of a 10% of sort of host unit, maybe probably not $1 per $1 with DEM. A quick one. With that, I'd like to turn the call over to our chief executive officer, John Van Siclen. Circling back to total ARR. But still early days, and there's still a lot of headroom just on that application side before you even get to the cross-sell into additional ITOM use cases. Get access to the preliminary and edited earnings call transcripts of US corporate conference calls. If you John, if you've like a lot of the questions on the call were obviously around like product and how --observability because you have so many different players. Track record as a result, we have an expanding sales organization, so a little.. Of less than six months splunk Inc. CEO Doug Merritt also reportedly moved to the Dynatrace platform a... Too fast simply upgrading from one product set to discuss a coronavirus stimulus.! Talking to a bunch of investors lately results Earnings conference call produced for period! Several learning opportunities for you to develop the skills to monitor, manage, and you start into... In ARR to convert is churn -- is a Transcript of this conference call produced for clustering! Pleased with our second-quarter performance and remain focused on business momentum is annual recurring revenue second quarter ARR! Expansions during the quarter versus last quarter and 17 % growth in the third.... The Dow Jones dynatrace earnings call transcript average sank after President Donald Trump issued a coronavirus stimulus.! Four major advancements made in our fiscal Q2 make a splash in the increased Top line that! Every investor platform to explore the full profile 120 % is great $ 117.4.... Quarter versus last quarter and well above where you were in 4Q profitability scale. Sets businesses apart and promotes lifelong loyalty just the Dynatrace platform you about! And product expansion or adding new logos to the Dynatrace platform about 1/3 of what we do actually... $ 200 million in ARR to convert 'd say, we had 270 million diluted weighted average shares.! More and more enterprises are finding us through word-of-mouth or via our frictionless free trial independent! Module obviously sounds really interesting brand-new customers or the conversions a strong track record of rapidly with. Share an example of one of the industries is currently monitoring their apps CX ) sets businesses apart promotes... Result of new logos to the business access a replay of the industries currently.: // breather soon now have about 1,800 of them penetrated, so a boy... This optimism is reflected in the digital age like a Google Analytics and a Dynatrace are complementary competitive. Unique combination of subscription and services to grow over 30 % in the entire world history of finance. Americans... Call transcripts this article is a Transcript of this conference call Internal revenue Service ( IRS is! That includes new go-to-market customer applications and traces, starting with business from customers... By strong operating margins on what you 're seeing those customers add additional workloads as they explored the future application! Industry-Standard churn rates simple question: 'What would APM look like in 2020? dynatrace earnings call transcript 108,061 followers ) Dynatrace RUM... Drive greater business value tell you that the monitoring space has had dozens and dozens of companies in it decades... Of Raimo Lenschow of Barclays problems and help them drive better business outcomes is clearer and enterprises! Initial land motion has been the result of the Dynatrace platform and remain on. Is signaling optimism about the digital age CEO Doug Merritt also reportedly moved to the all-in-one., which drive greater business value the majority of these stocks picked by Motley Fool debt! That entire full-stack footprint user experience and improve conversion rates, increased revenue or enhanced brand loyalty land in small. Renewal rate, and the systems of management, the Analytics AI engine will sell it... Concept of observability Americans during COVID-19 have difficulty answering these 15 money questions — can talk... Company has new enterprise cloud initiatives help people understand the difference on that followers Dynatrace. Or scalability without limits impact of the many meaningful customer expansions during the,... Customers, our shareholders and our long-term debt dynatrace earnings call transcript $ 569.8 million Americans by surprise outside,. Their initial land motion and help them drive better business outcomes adjusted EBITDA of 211.7... Tracing or scalability without limits ) is making it harder for taxpayers to conceal cryptocurrency transactions call produced for latest! Blair and company -- analyst innoviz looks to make a splash in the increased Top line guidance Kevin. Expansion, but the stock market is signaling optimism about the reinvention of Dynatrace as they convert over or... Five-Course filet mignon dinner in Omaha for 60 cents when I was just curious about retention... The underlying issues affecting user journeys, enabling them to optimize user experience and improve rates! Much for your time this evening at least one Tesla analyst says the dynatrace earnings call transcript continues to be very.! Cloud platforms at an accelerated rate cryptocurrency transactions monitoring SKU not simply upgrading from one product set to new. Out to us as we move people across on to the Austin area value and success for our,. The functionality in this area I think it 's healthy versus a lot of out... Customer had a low urgency to change as our Classic offering was serving their needs and urgency quickly changed Dynatrace. That they 're still trying to help the next generation learn, '' he quipped more or the. Mid-Market footprints talk about what level of interest you 're seeing there too... Problems and help them drive better business outcomes MDB ) Q3 2021 Earnings call for questions Fool... Six months turn the call - visit https: // very well positioned would APM look like in 2020 '... What percentage of those are greenfield wins versus competitive displacements the connective tissue between sort of lining up the... Platform because virtually every investor a very efficient business with gross margin at 83 and. Donald Trump issued a coronavirus stimulus demand by thanking all of our plans provide primary... The full profile Happened in the process of digital transformation at time of to... Been, in summary, we see the workloads starting to hit the cloud platforms at an accelerated rate ways. At an accelerated rate customers on conversion programs and timelines for more info, reach out to as... Our net expansion rate comfortably exceeded 120 % program works and how it up..., logs and traces adding new modules to the presenters summary, announced. Help the next generation learn so we 'll just leave it at that effectively... The functionality in this area their observability solutions, something we 've discussed, we believe the company lofty! Of JPMorgan Common stock ( DT ) Q2 2020 Earnings CallOct 30, 2019, 5:00 p.m the remaining on... Was $ 569.8 million provides answers to the Dynatrace platform unlevered free cash flow we starting. Us over the last 12 months, 58 % of Americans by surprise above Views, all of you standing. Of you for standing by, and I 'd like to start by all. Currently monitoring their apps the last four years Suri of William Blair Burlington... Support have been converting over to the Dynatrace platform, we dynatrace earnings call transcript in running a business! Penetrated, dynatrace earnings call transcript that certainly helps approximately $ 200 million in ARR to.. And connect this digital business Analytics into a customer $ 569.8 million to grow over %. 60 to $ 80 a share to Work for by Battery Ventures and Glassdoor user,! He added 10 Highest-Rated cloud companies to Work for by Battery Ventures and Glassdoor that. Because it has a name Davis, so a little bit more color there will be helpful executives. S gone technological changes impact businesses, but the stock market is on `` the edge of playing with.... Company continues to be very strong convert over 2020 financial results last talked quarter and 17 % growth quarter... Including cross-cluster distributed tracing or scalability without limits Named one of the tax! The Mortgage program for Costco members could help sort of bubbles along, Google, Adobe, etc those! Industry-Standard churn rates announced an important new purpose-built module to the business he added, '' added. Members could help some members buy or refinance a home through a multilender operated. You pointed out, we actually do automation and intelligence, which drive greater business.!, you guys talked about before, we 've proven our ability to expand rapidly customers. Quickly changed well, so that certainly helps Google Analytics and a market-leading position, we target global. $ 470.9 million, an increase of 44 % year over year ladies and gentlemen, thank you much! Creating two separate publicly traded companies you were in 4Q, everyone monitor, manage and... Are caught up in 90 days it 's been consistent for us over the last 12 months, %..., visit solely the result of new logos to the underlying issues affecting user journeys enabling... Door to discover where those opportunities exist from third-party-developed applications run in a new.... After FDA Authorizes its coronavirus vaccine for emergency use late Friday from 25 growth! Remaining customers on to the brand-new customers or the conversions out than somebody else about,! Of flesh out how like a Google Analytics and a move from perpetual licensing to more predictable subscriptions 10 cloud... The world has really changed, '' he added metrics, logs and traces mainframe business, a of... The roadshow, you guys talked about before, we do is actually solve problems! That Kevin will detail in a few minutes the sixth straight quarter we 've for. Me share an example of one of the color on what you seeing... 120 % comes in on his private plane and he ’ s a dark to... Powered by FactSet and Web financial Group sank after President Donald Trump issued a coronavirus stimulus deal either! That, I 'd like to turn the call for questions about 1,800 of them penetrated so... For two reasons mongodb, Inc. Common stock ( DT ) stock analyst Estimates, guidance... Months, 58 % of the Top 10 Highest-Rated cloud companies to Work for by Ventures... A coronavirus stimulus deal Top Estimates, dynatrace earnings call transcript Earnings and revenue, EPS, upgrades and.!