Problematic seat clamps don’t always respond as expected to the standard procedures. Every product is carefully selected by our editors. In the world of biking, Cannondale is known for ‘cross specific racing bikes. The Sage had the tallest BB and shortest Trail, hence the snappiest handling at the expense of high speed stability. It’s shown here with the stock Schwalbe X-One 700×33 tires. No, it’s going to feel fairly sober until you’re dancing on the pedals and ripping around corners — which is where this bike shines. Otherwise all the other geo numbers work out correctly. it’s even a gpx, got an enduro bearing machined to fit. A note on geometry: according to the chart you provided, the Cannondale has 70-69mm of BB drop (not 59 as you had asserted) which is nearly the same as the Crux (71-67mm). Any lurkers from Cannondale care to comment on if you’re actually providing warranty service? But because bike fit and feel are so subjective, the best ‘cross bike for you is the one you feel good riding. reaches close to one million passionate cyclists per month. Handling reminded me of the new Scalpel. Plus, now my B bike also has to be a new cannondale. Shares. Yep, it works great, both with 1X and 2X systems, with the latter using Synchro Shift for the front derailleur. The road sized 700c wheels are fast rolling, keeping their speed well. Take some risks. ... Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. The quality and design innovation they brought to the marketplace was second to … 2020 Cannondale SuperSix Evo first-ride review: Now with a dose of aero. 3 The SuperX is designed as a full-on race bike. If anyone ever converted to cable brakes, admittedly rare, the drag on the rear brake would mean that bike couldn’t even function. Navigation* Road. • Contact Us Yeah, that front wheel dish is waaaay off center. And that asymmetric rear end…eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'bikerumor_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',103,'0','0'])); That asymmetric rear end means upgrading the wheels is a little trickier in that you’ll have to have them laced and dished specifically for this bike’s offset. On my 2011 SuperSix Hi-Mod, I had to carefully remove the paint from the front dropouts in order to get the wheel to seat properly. By Kevin Glover on June 27, 2016 8 Comments. And if you are on a budget, the good news is that no matter what level SuperX you are buying, you are getting the same frame. * Paste only helps if the surface is too smooth, doesn’t help all that much if tolerances are bad, ends up acting more like a lubricant IME. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In order, they went from one end of the handling spectrum to the other. OK, one more small gripe. two truns tight, two turns loose on each side nipple, job done. Same experience here. Cannondale CAADX 105. Given Shimano’s still-delayed entry into the world of 1x drivetrains but still desirous of the gift of electronic shifting, Cannondale was forced to spec a rear derailleur from Shimano’s mountain bike catalog. Which introduces the only weird thing on this bike, more on that in a minute. Please review our cookie policy to learn more or to change your cookie settings. The tiny seatpost is stupid and limiting. Cannondale SuperSix Road Bike user reviews : 4.5 out of 5 - 29 reviews. Cannondale SuperX Force 1 Details. No matter how rough the terrain is or how thick your handwear, it’s easy to shift. Cannondale Race bikes: SystemSix SuperSix EVO SuperSlice CAAD Optimo CAAD12 CAAD13. Since doing that it’s been great. Hot takes and in-depth reviews on noteworthy, relevant and interesting products. At low speeds the steering was light and it was easy to carve around tight corners, but at higher speeds the bike wanted to take a steady line. In terms of spec and price difference it doesn’t give much away to the Ultegra version. )eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',104,'0','0'])); This is my only design gripe about the bike. Not shown, it also comes with a removable integrated out-front Garmin mount that sticks directly out of the stem’s faceplate, and they say they’ll have a Wahoo-compatible insert for it shortly. Cannondale has totally redesigned its SuperX carbon cyclocross bike for 2017 with new geometry and improved clearance. As for the carbon rims, they’re appropriately wide, easy to set up tubeless, and were stiff and accurate. There are no mounts for mudguards or a rack – if you want to get off the beaten track for adventuring rather than racing, you're better off looking at the Cannondale Slate.. Cannondale says bye-bye to cantilevers, hello to hydraulic disc brakes for 2015. I was lost and alone in the middle of Kansas on gravel roads and, I had not seen a car or a rider in over an 2 hours only rarely seeing a farm house in the distance. The top model pairs Shimano R785 Di2 hydro levers with an XTR Di2 rear derailleur and RS805 hydraulic brake calipers grabbing 160mm rotors front and rear. 9/10 Review Price: £2,499.99. And I will never pedal this bike as hard or as fast as him. In order, each bike’s Trail figures are 55mm, 59mm and 62mm. October 6, 2015 Dan Cavallari. This. Review: I loved so many things about this bike, particularly how it was kitted out from the beginning. Review: Cannondale SuperX cyclocross race bike holds its line all too well. Classified adds wheelsets with internal gearing so you can double the... GoPro’s HERO9 Black Million Dollar Highlight Video doesn’t disappoint. The specific geometry of the SuperX gave me more ground clearance at the pedals and bottom bracket, a longer wheelbase to keep everything tracking straight and a semi-compact rear end (with fairly short chainstays) for maximal downward force on the rear tire. My friend has one of these and loves it over the previous model disc ones. And I know after my testing that if push comes to shove, the bike will happily tackle hours-long off-road jaunts just as well as it tackles your local mud-and-blood cyclocross circuit. This is mostly explained by the geometry: This year, I reviewed three race-oriented cyclocross bikes back to back to back. Gloves or not, works great. If you ride your average cyclocross bike through a puddle, you generate some nice muddy ripples. And they shifting is flawless and less susceptible to crud. Cannondale's SuperX is aggressive yet stable and race-ready out of the box. ""ith its unique Ai and OutFront features. the rear wheel is an offset of 6mm. Cannondale's SuperX is aggressive yet stable and race-ready out of the box. Image 1 of 7. Cannondale SuperX Review There I was alone in what was a 110 mile gravel race, but for me it was now a 119 mile gravel race. If you've had a successful exit (a wealth-creation event), then this is the model for you because it costs more than $5,000 and weighs a svelte 18 pounds with pedals. The Cannondale App automatically logs ride activity, has every detail about your bike and can even remind you when it’s time for a tune up. Only the rear hub is offset from the centerline, not the whole wheel. Of course, that’s only one number, but the Cannondale also has the lowest BB (59mm drop) and the longest front-center (635mm). Cannondale made sure to equip the CAADX range with robust wheels, so that you can go riding off-road without worrying if your wheels are up for it. Alternatives: Just about every large bike brand has a range of cyclocross offerings, each with their own brand-specific quirks and quibbles that might get you excited or turn you right off. Please review our cookie policy to learn more or to change your cookie settings. Most riders would tell you from experience: find a way to test ride your next bike before you put money down. And the lengthened wheelbase is especially nice if your big damn feet tend to overlap a bike’s front wheel during slow-speed hairpin turns. Adding a dynamic look to Cannondale’s entry level SuperX, this gave an early indication that this wasn’t your bog standard cyclocross bike. Cannondale Reviews To. I owned one, and it was decent enough, but all the C’Dale specific integration was a nightmare. The Cannondale Slate Conquers Both Dirt and Road, Riding on “Hero Dirt” With the Cannondale Habit, Cannondale’s Best Commuter Bike Is Costly, but Perfect, 17 Fitness Deals That Will Make All Your Workout Dreams Come True, Review: Norco’s Do-It-All Cyclocross Machine Eats Dirt and Gravel for Breakfast, Review: Sony’s True Wireless Earphones Also Come with Noise-Cancellation. I’m not knocking any of the current people in these positions… except the warranty policy makers. Our test bike came with the 46/36 chainrings mated to a Cannondale HollowGram Si crankset. How exactly does THAT help? Put it all together and this is a bike that really, really likes to hold its line.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'bikerumor_com-leader-2','ezslot_10',199,'0','0'])); Which is a great thing on wide open, fast courses or those with loose surfaces like deep gravel and sand. Shares. Requiring racers to re-dish their spare wheels is stupid. Cannondale SuperX Force 1 Details. But with winter gloves, it was sometimes tough to hit the right part of the shift paddles, particularly in high stress sprints or uphill grunts. For what it’s worth, the rear derailleur doing the work on the SuperX (my model, at least) isn’t Dura-Ace; it’s actually an electronic XTR shifter, one meant for mountain bikes. Cannondale are pretty good at packing in its models with some top-notch kit for a very competive price and the same is true for the SuperSix Evo. Cannondale SuperX Di2 2018 Cyclocross Bike review got a score of 8.4/10 from customer reviews. The SuperX sports a unique Shimano Di2 and Cannondale drivetrain combo. Giant stupid headtube, stupid rear wheel dish, a skinny seatpost that cracked because of the wedge(which I also had to over-tighten to keep from slipping, and was told to by C’Dale), and PF30A. But after a few rides, I was questioning the execution — the 71-degree head tube angle is quite slack for a ‘cross bike, and it was noticeable.” – Thomas McDaniel, Bike Radar, • “Stable is the word I’d use to describe it. Those three provide noticeable bump absorption and vibration reduction, which helps conserve rider energy and improve control. By Kevin Glover on June 27, 2016 8 Comments. Contact us to connect with them. Not in a bad way, but it takes some getting used to, and a slight adjustment to your riding style. And, well, what defines the sport of cyclocross more than that? The full Cannondale CAADX range gets fantastic Shimano road groupsets, ranging from Tiagra to 105. So they used their Ai rear end to keep the chainstays very short. The 2019 SuperX SE Force 1 retails for $3,900 and it features the exact same components as the bike this review covers (including the awesome WTB tires). The fork’s legs also offer the right kind of flex to enhance these qualities. Theft of irreplaceable bikes at Specialized headquarters prompts $25,000 reward for... Amazing TITAN carbon fiber derailleur cage concept gets zirconia bearings, sapphire... Archer Component’s DBR kit converts any 1x road or gravel bike... Valeo combines electric motor with automatic transmission to revolutionize e-bikes, Shimano spins out lightweight, quick-dry IC1 cycling shoe for indoor training. Spec: RIMS. The comfort comes from their flattened chainstays, shapely seatstays (and the carbon layup inside them) and their intentionally flexing SAVE seatpost. Cannondale SuperX Force 1 SE Gravel Bike Review Level 3 expert The SuperX SE has its quirks, but as a bike that’s equipped to win either a ‘cross or gravel race with just a change of tyres, it’s not only a strong option, but one that’s a whole lot less quirky then Cannondale’s existing Slate gravel platform. His front wheel is not offset. • Privacy Policy We cover the shiny new things, with in-depth interviews and detailed stories about how the bicycles and components work, plus reviews to see if they live up to the hype. When the 2016 Cannondale SuperX launched last Fall, it generated major waves in the media and on the course. Learn how your comment data is processed. While you shouldn’t have to do this with any bike – let alone a high-end race frame – the minor inconvenience was worth it for a superb-handling bike. It comes with a 40-tooth ring paired to an 11-32 Shimano cassette, which proved to be a good ratio for racing. We love learning the technology and celebrating innovation at every level -from crowdfunded start ups to major global brands- and sharing it all here with you! by James Huang. One area that cried out for improvement was tyre clearance between the chainstays, as Cannondale’s original 68mm wide BB30 bottom bracket shell limited what was possible. The Cannondale SuperX has been at the top of their cyclocross range for some years now, but it gained increased notoriety among gravel aficionados in 2018 when it became the top bike of America’s premier gravel event, the Dirty Kanza. The front end of the bike is in charge of the handling. Cannondale Gravel bikes Slate Topstone Topstone Carbon ↓ Related Road Bike Reviews. What's 2+2? There’s massive tire clearance, front and rear, accommodating up to 700×40 with room to clear mud. I was lost and alone in the middle of Kansas on gravel roads and I had not seen a car or a rider in over 2 hours, only rarely seeing a farm house in the distance. And there’s no chain rub, ever. The seatpost wedge that tightens into place to secure your post is not fixed into the frame. It has their asymmetric rear triangle, which places the wheel a few millimeters off center axis, and their OutFront Steering geometry. Combine this with their custom SAVE 25.4mm diameter seatpost that’s designed to flex and you have a platform that lets you plow through frozen ruts and clumpy grass without skipping a beat. SuperX | Cyclocross Bikes | Cannondale. BallisTec Carbon Construction, a massive headtube and Ai even-dish rear wheels deliver chart topping stiffness and incredibly light weight. The first was the Sage PDXCX, followed by the Specialized Crux, then the SuperX. In our reviews, we don’t come across higher quality bikes. 3 time US National CX Champ Stephen Hyde is a veteran of the American Cyclocross scene. Score . The price gap is £300 or so even at sale prices. Ridley’s higher-tier X-Night Disc ($5,600) models are aggressive and racy in both looks and feel, with shorter head tubes and slightly lower overall frame designs. I got almost everything I wanted out of Cannondale’s newest cyclocross model, the SuperX Di2. Cannondale Gravel bikes Slate Topstone Topstone Carbon ↓ Related Road Bike Reviews. “Combine this with their custom SAVE 25.4mm diameter seatpost”, This seatpost is custom in that it is specifically adapted to accept a DI2 battery, but is not available as an aftermarket option. The wheels are co-planar as with any other bicycle (except a swing bike of course). Cannondale's SuperX Hi-Mod has a great frame design for 'cross racing, but a few of its kit choices left us scratching our heads. The wheels on any bike can change the riding feel like night and day — you might require yours to be sturdy, light-rolling, aerodynamic or all of the above. The SuperX is pretty comfortable when cruising in the saddle for longer stretches of road, perhaps even more so than when you’re charging for the holeshot. Innumerable. Even a casual glance shows that. • How We Make Money Find a bike shop near me GB/EN Cannondale. It’s not the perfect cyclocross racing bike, but it’s darn close. That would also make it easier to fix the only functional gripe I had with the bike: hose rattle inside the downtube. As a package, it’s a very comfortable bike that can be raced hard and fast. The Cannondale Wheel Sensor A hyper-accurate wheel sensor that records speed, distance and time. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - Everything below should be read knowing that Cannondale pro rider Stephen Hyde raced this bike to back to back national championship wins. The goals were to offer ground ripping traction, sober stability, and tight handling. The Cannondale SuperX Hi-MOD Black Inc. is one of the top cyclocross bikes available. The Cannondale SuperX SE Force 1 is a great bike for any sort of multi-surface road ride. Read our full review of the 2018 Cannondale SuperX SE … In the SuperX lineup, Cannondale offers two SRAM and two Shimano builds, with the former getting single chainring treatment while the 105 and Ultegra models use a double chainring. Cannondale Topstone Series Full Review The series consists of aluminum and carbon models which differ not only in terms of the materials, but also in terms of suspension and available build kits. I built her a set of clinchers to train on and compensating for the the AI in the rear was no big deal. This was good for mid-corner confidence but it felt like it took a little more effort to pop the bike up and onto alternate lines on the trail when descending.” – Lee Slone, Cyclocross Magazine, Frame: BallisTec CarbonShifting: Shimano Di2Drivetrain: 1×11 orientation, 40t chainringRear cogs: Shimano 105, 11-32, 11-speedWheels: 35mm Cannondale HollowGram carbon clincher rims, tubeless-readySaddle: Cannondale Scoop Shallow RaceCrank: Cannondale HollowGram SiHandlebars/stem: Cannondale C1 Ultralight 7050 alloySeatpost: Cannondale SAVE carbonBrakes: Shimano RS805 hydro disc, 160/160mmBrake levers: Shimano R785 Di2 hydro discTires: Schwalbe X-ONE folding-type clinchers. It isn’t a custom size, just less common. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-box-3','ezslot_4',101,'0','0']));Introduced in 2016, this 3rd gen Cannondale SuperX cyclocross race bike took their System Integration concept to the next level. Meaning, when you remove the seatpost, it can dislodge or even fall down into the seat tube. Looking at this latest Cannondale… You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, This Fancy Camp Gear Is Nearly Idiot-Proof, Audi's 2020 R8 Is an Improved Everyday Supercar, This Is Still the Best Cheap Car Sold in America, These Are the Best Moc-Toe Boots for Your Money, Audi S6, S7 and S8: Stylish, Subtle Speed Machines, The BMW X5 M Challenges Your Preconceptions, The Perfect Gift for Watch and Design Lovers. Fortunately, the stock wheels leave nothing to be desired – save for perhaps a bit quicker engagement. • Comment Policy In the SuperX lineup, Cannondale offers two SRAM and two Shimano builds, with the former getting single chainring treatment while the 105 and Ultegra models use a double chainring. Verdict: The SuperX offers an incredible bundle of lightweight performance and smart-spec parts for its MSRP, and you’re getting a true gem of a frame that’s worth upgrading and maintaining year after year. That helps with traction on bad surfaces, but it also keeps the front end relatively unencumbered with supporting that weight, allowing for more responsive turns than the slack front end might suggest. I removed it from both inner flats and from the axle contact points. Their cable management for this bike in general is bone-headed. Eventually I was able to pull it tight enough to mostly silence this, but if it were my personal bike I’d pull the fork and cranks out and run hose insulation or zip ties along the length of the hose to silence it for good. Learn more here. Does this matter? I must start this review with a confession, ever since I rode my first Aluminium F600 Cannondale MTB I fell in love with the brand. It’s awesome hearing that beep when you reach the end of the cassette, so you know when you’re at the limit without having to glance down. The stock seat is comfortable, almost akin to a road saddle, but with that little extra bit of padding you’ll need to hop on and off during a race. The Good: We’re looking at a longer-than-usual wheelbase here, if only slightly, but any seasoned cyclist can tell you a few millimeters count for a lot when it comes to wheelbase. If you apply grease to the grub screw and carbon paste to the seatpost, you will not have seatpost slippage. Cannondale SuperX Review There I was alone in what was a 110 mile gravel race, but for me it was now a 119 mile gravel race. Originally built for winning cross races, Cannondale have adapted its SuperX platform for the going off the beaten path. That slack front end slows the steering slightly, but adds in the stability some riders are looking for. Read the Story. The SuperX 105 has a RRP of £2200 which isn’t exactly cheap. The quality and design innovation they brought to the marketplace was second to … Our test bike came with the 46/36 chainrings mated to a Cannondale HollowGram Si crankset. I swear by my TRP mini V brakes and my steel bike is coming in at this weight. My girlfriend picked up an ex-pro SuperEx Team and the binder squeaked like hell when you tightened it. I really wish consumers could handle warranty issues directly with the manufacturer as is the case with Orbea and almost all wheel mfgs. Arriving, close to fully assembled, all that was left to do was slot the seatpost into the frame. It takes a little coercion to break off of it’s original line. If it sounds like I have a lot of complaints about this bike so far, that’s not really the case. Compared to the others, it’s horses for courses – pick what’s right for your local terrain. Our passion is the products, technology and people that make them. It holds a straight line really well… until it dives into a turn. Nov 2, 2018. The assymetric wheel dish isn’t “kind of a non-issue” it’s an absolute deal breaker. I think it might be a funky photo or this bikes wheel is f*ed up lol. SuperX, BallisTec Carbon, SAVE, BB30-83 Ai Fork SuperX, BallisTec Carbon, 1-1/8" to 1.5" steerer, 12x100mm thru-axle, 55mm offset Headset SuperX, 1.5" lower to 1-1/8" upper w/ reducer, 25mm Alloy top cap Rims/Wheels Cannondale HollowGram Si, Carbon … Not ideal, but its not a custom size. Cannondale Endurance bikes Synapse Synapse Hi-MOD Synapse Carbon. Cannondale SuperX Force 1 Details. Cannondale SuperX Rethinks Traditional ‘Cross Geometry and in the Process Builds Phenomenal Gravel Platform. That’s more than we can ask from a lot of mid- to high-end mechanical road setups. The SuperX Force 1 that is the subject of this review boasts the same BallisTec Carbon frame as the company’s top-of-the-line SuperX Force eTap AXS, but substitutes in a mechanical SRAM Force drivetrain and tubeless-ready aluminum CX 2.0 wheels to save money. It’s finicky, difficult to see and work on, prone to slipping, and easy to lose down inside the frame — something other reviewers of the bike have noted as well. Cannondale hasn’t just released a new gravel bike as such, but it has taken its current cyclocross race bike and given it parts that help it lean towards gravel riding. You human? Cool bike- too bad the AI bottom bracket and rear wheel is a deal breaker. If you want your cyclocross bike to double as a gravel machine or an “adventure” bike, this is really your ticket. Cannondale Topstone Carbon long-term review: A superb ride, a few quirks. Cannondale provided this bike for testing. They were great leaders and they left for a reason. October 6, 2015 Dan Cavallari. If you’re looking for the most stable ‘cross bike possible, you may be interested in the Specialized CruX ($4,700). We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Wouldn’t surprise me my 2015 Super Six Evo has drop outs that are out of alignment so I get tire rub with 23mm tires. The asymmetric rear end makes upgrading the wheels tricky. Considering a lot of components like tires and saddles will quickly be switched out by many riders and racers who know exactly what they want from their bikes, I admired what came standard on this model. 2016 Cannondale SuperX 105 Review. Cannondale SuperX Cyclocross Review. Which is why the SuperX comes in an SE version that’s billed as their gravel race bike, and my hunch is it excels as such. It works. And keep coming back for more, just like the bike that carried you. I’d sum the Cannondale SuperX up as a light, capable race bike that excels on fast courses and could easily double as your year-round gravel bike. Cannondale Super X. I’m taking a trip to Colorado in a few months figured I’d take it to a C Dale dealer up there to try and get a warranty perhaps they have a different rep. Not to wild about doing it though since the shop will have gotten 0 dollars out of me while doing some work. Thanks for providing the weight. But especially in a race. The steering feels excellent, Cannondale nailed that aspect of the handling. I should also note that the bike was extremely comfortable thrown on my shoulder thanks to an oblong top tube and its sub-18-pound total weight; if you race on courses with a lot of run-ups, this factor could make or break the deal for you. Cannondale Cyclocross bikes CAADX SuperX. They’re only 0.3mm shorter than the other two bikes, but that’s with 40mm tire clearance…something the other bikes can’t claim. In our reviews, we don’t come across higher quality bikes. Cannondale SuperX Apex 1 review. ... Incredibly confident handling, unmatched traction, and huge mud & tire clearance makes the SuperX the ultimate ‘cross racing rig. To be fair, though, the hub’s engagement speed is on par with the Specialized Roval wheels tested on the Crux and pretty much every other “road” hub you’ll find in CX. The Cannondale SuperX Disc … The Cannondale SuperX on test is equipped with Shimano 105. Cannondale SuperX Hi-Mod Disc review Light, smooth and fast 'cross bike By James Huang 14 December 2012. Ever, really. Carbon frames, stiff setups, smooth power delivery and long distance durability are all part and parcel of these bikes, which are ready to take on the road and also take you off it without missing a beat. Born in Connecticut, in the heart of America’s New England ‘cross scene, Cannondale was making ‘cross bikes long before they became the next ‘big thing’. In terms of spec and price difference it doesn’t give much away to the Ultegra version. In theory. And that stupid seat wedge: because the top of the frame is cut on a bias, a rider can’t secure the seatpost with a clamp to prevent slippage.

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