Have tried other antidepressants. Celexa, Paxil, Prozac, Remeron, and none of these even came close. St John’s wort for depression—an overview and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials. I just answered a similar question about 5-HTP, so I will address St. John's Wort (SJW) first. A doctor then prescribed Zoloft, which I took for a few days once I had been off the St. John's … Check out 'Pharmacodynamic interactions' on the Wikipedia page for St. Johns Wort for … "how long do u have to wait to start taking st. john wort after being on 10 mg prozac (fluoxetine)?" Lindseth, G., Helland, B., & Caspers, J. St. John’s wort, or Hypericum perforatum, is a plant that grows in the wild, and it’s been used for centuries for mental health conditions. BMJ. This kind of research supports our clinic’s experience of 15 years that natural methods can easily meet or exceed the benefits of SSRIs for many, perhaps most, people. You should not use this product if you are trying to get pregnant. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing. In several studies both St. John’s wort and 5-HTP have had fewer side effects than the placebos! Müller, W. E. (2003). Hello there, I took St. John's Wort for a long time with good results, but after a few bad events in my life my anxiety shot through the roof. Then I will post most of my 5-HTP answer. The effects of dietary tryptophan on affective disorders. I currently St. John's Wort with a good … The popular herbal therapy is often used to ease symptoms of depression. This herb is known as the bright yellow antidepressant because some … (2015). I used to take Zoloft daily. According to the National … St. John's wort may affect fertility (your ability to have children). St. John's wort may pass into breast milk and may cause … Since I started the 5-HTP I stopped taking the Zoloft. QUESTION: I have been taking 5-HTP for the past week and I feel incredible except for in the mornings I am slow to wake up. There is a pretty good amount of research indicating … If you feel anxious all the time, worry about many of your day to day activities, and are under constant stress, you may be experiencing generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD. I was wondering if combining the 5-HTP with St. John's wort would help the effects in the morning since I take the 5-HTP … As a suspected SSRI - taking 5-HTP with St. Johns Wort could result in Serotonin Syndrome. Current St. John’s wort … I love St. John's Wort, I notice the difference when I don't take it. St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a flowering plant.The flowers are used to make liquid extracts, pills, and teas.