To find the cost of another bag of 30kg you would simply take 17EUR x30 = 510EUR. I have two extra luggage traveling from London to Abuja. Hi, I’m traveling with Turkish Airlines from Canada to Istanbul, few days stay over, then Singapore a week later (also with Turkish Airlines). Just want to know what are the charges for an extra baggage if I am flying from Toronto to Karachi. We Upgraded Points, and educational travel website. Hi, I am travelling from Chicago to India (Hyderabad). Hi, I’m travelling from Accra (Ghana) through Istanbul to Havana (Cuba). No, you should not need to pay anything extra for your bags. Hi there, I was wondering, how much does it cost to buy extra checked in baggage. Hello I’m travelling from Dubai to Turkey. Thank you in advance. This could be split across 2 x 10kg bags if you choose to. Will TA allow me two extra 23kg bags? Can somebody please tell me how many kilos per piece I am allowed to carry on a flight from Sofia to Shanghai (Economy class, max baggage allowance – 40 kg)? Victor, we would need to know what fare type you purchased (economy, business, first, etc) and what airport you’re flying into in order to help you out with this question! Just to reiterate – this is for 1 adult passenger in Economy class traveling from San Francisco to Karachi. So, we unfortunately can’t answer this question without more information. Like 20 kg in one bag and 10kg in the other. You should not have to pay extra for your personal item or carry-on. It’s best you get in touch with Turkish Airlines to query this. Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation. The fee for the route would be $290 per 23kg bag. Using Turkish Airlines excess baggage table, Saudi Arabia is region 4 and Vienna is region 2, so the cost per 1 kg of excess luggage would be EUR17 (approx USD19). One of my two pieces lagge is over weight (30). Alternatively, their baggage allowance should be clearly listed on their confirmation e-mail/forms. I m traveling from Toronto to Delhi (India) via Istanbul. He needs to bring extra baggage. What is the charge for excess baggage weighing 70 lbs? However, I am interested in buying an extra 20kg luggage online but seems I cannot do this. We can try to assist with a rough calculation of excess baggage using Turkish Airlines’ excess baggage table but we would need to know the airport that you are flying to? However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would (or already) use ourselves. That route works on a weight concept so you can split your allowance across multiple bags if you choose to. Get in touch with Turkish Airlines call center for your wishes, complaints, suggestions and feedbacks. I would like to buy extra 20kg. You can see the baggage concept definitions in the article. International Journeys That Work on a Piece Allowance. A fee of $80 USD will be applied for passengers with a piece weighing 23-32 kg. This is usually due to capacity in the overhead lockers and passenger safety. Can I check it in as oversized luggage? In the FAQ same info- How many bags does Turkish Airlines allow? As Turkish Airlines does not state whether pooling luggage between travel companions is permitted, it would be down to the check-in assistant at the airport. I am traveling With my husband from Dublin to Khartoum in business class, as per the baggage calculator extra piece will cost around 185 euro. Plz help. They allow 20kg per person for check-in baggage. If you can provide us with that information then we will try our best to help. I also have an excess bag of 20kg. How much is the fee? I wanted to know how much will I pay for extra baggage? Have a good flight. How much will it cost me? Flight from Athens to Johannesburg allows 30 kg can this comprise of 1 x 20 kg bag and one of 10kg. My surmise from your useful article is that I can spread this over 2 bags at 22 & 23 kg without risk as I am not restricted by the number of pieces. Could you tell me if I can travel with 2 checked bags? Turkish Airlines made some changes in recent months to their baggage policy and this included changing some of the destinations that worked on the piece concept (allowing 2 x 23kg bags). Each of us has an allowance of 23kg (total 184kg’s). Economy passengers can also bring 1 carry-on bag and business can bring 2 carry-on bags measuring up to 21.6 x 15.7 x 9 inches with a max weight of 17.6 pounds. For flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, excess baggage charges per kilo are: To benefit from these discounts, baggage must be purchased at a Turkish Airlines sales office. We do not represent Turkish Airlines, so any information received directly from their customer service reps or their website should be the most updated figure. If you'd like to add a comment to this article and share your valuable feedback and opinions, please click here to leave your comment. I can’t see what the goals and kg must be. Since the departure is based on the piece concept and the final destination is weight concept I couldn’t calculate it myself. Thanks for your recent decision to fly to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It’s not exceeding the weight limits however the size limits. So you could check the car seat as part of the 10 kg infant allowance. Hi, I am flying from Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif to Stockholm. You are able to check two bags but you will likely be charged $30.50 per kilogram for this route in excess baggage. Since your parents are traveling from Tehran (Region 4) to Miami (a piece region), they will have to pay the charge for another bag if they exceed the 23kg limit. I would like to know how much overweight baggage I can bring when flying Turkish Airlines? As **we are not Turkish Airlines** we cannot 100% confirm the accurate baggage allowance you will receive but suggest you call their customer service line! We can’t comment on the policies of individual online travel agents. I’m traveling from St.Petersburg to Amsterdam with a layover in Istanbul. My baggage allowance is 2 pieces of 23kgs each. What is the cost of that and how does Turkish Airlines handle that? Türk Hava Yolları Uçuş Akademisi (TAFA) Türk Hava Yolları’nın bir alt markası olarak Türk Hava Yolları ve diğer havayollarının ihtiyaç duyduğu havayolu pilotlarının yetiştirilmesi ve pilotaj eğitiminin (ATP (A) Birleştirilmiş Hava Yolu Nakliye Pilotu Eğitimi) verilmesi amacıyla kurulmuştur. I am also an elite member with Turkish airlines. The most accurate information will be on your ticket so if this states 20kg, then this is your allowance. We advise you give Turkish Airlines a call to confirm. On their confirmations, it says that “2 baggages are allowed (23kg), carry on included”. The question is, would we be allowed to take 4 pieces of luggage at a max weight of 32kgs each, so total 136kgs? If I’m flying with economy class from Warsaw through Istanbul to Cape Town – am I just allowed to have 23 kg luggage and 8 kg carry on ? How much will I be charged? A standard carry-on bag will be checked free of charge. I’m travelling to Nigeria from Heathrow, London. Hello, I’m flying from Istanbul to NYC and my baggage allowance says 2 pieces. I wanted to know if the personal item is a laptop bag, will it be counted as the carry-on luggage or not. My family and I are flying from Heathrow to Istanbul to Antalya. This likely means, as a rule, they do not allow any bags over 158cm to be checked in. I would assume that the stroller is in addition to the baggage allowance but as we’re not Turkish Airlines we can’t confirm this for you 100%. My luggages are 1 x 25 and 1 x 16kg. Dublin to Ho Chi Minh? Where the maximum baggage weight is 23 kg for an economy passenger, a fee of $80 will be applied for passengers with a piece weighing 23-32 kg. Just be mindful of the maximum 32kg weight of one bag – Turkish Airlines won’t accept a piece heavier than this so you will need to distribute across multiple pieces to use the full allowance. I am traveling from Moscow Russia to Dhaka Bangladesh on 02 October 2019. Do you mean you will have 1 x 32kg bag in addition to your 2 x 23kg bags? For that route, Turkish Airlines charges $18 per kilogram, so an additional 16 kg would cost $288. How much is extra weight if you are above 23kg? Thank you. Can you help? You will be charged $22.50 for each kg of excess baggage. Thanks. Hi, I am a student traveling from Delhi( India) to Canada for the first time to study. The Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA) Be a part of our vision to become the leading global aviation training academy for all aspiring airline pilots with talent and ambition. I have 2 bags and each weighs 23kg and my tv is also 8kg, please how much would I have to pay for that please? Is it possible and how much is the fee? Thank you for your time. Turkish Airlines Flight Academy. Could you tell me about the baggage measurements? And can I divide my weight into 2 bags (rather than having 30kg in one, can i make 15kg’s 2 bags). I just want to ask, I’m traveling from Cairo Egypt to Dublin Ireland. I will be flying from JFK to DaresSalaam next week. Could you help me with a question please? Your guitar will likely qualify as an oversized item and be charged an oversized fee. Disclaimer: Upgraded Points, LLC and its website,, provides information on credit cards, reward programs, travel information and ancillary information concerning travel and credit cards. That was that - she's been gallivanting around the globe ever since (26 countries & counting)! I’m just a student and I need to know the kgs that are allowed for free baggage because when I bought the ticket on Turkish it said 23kg but now it’s saying 20 kg. Thanks for reading! For this route, you should need to pay $30.50 per kilogram, for a total cost of $610. How much baggage you can bring will depend on that. I have 0.8 extra, do they charge me? It will NOT be published. Turkish Airlines checked luggage allowance: 2 x 23 kg bags: Maximum linear size of 158cm (L + W + H). Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. I have one carry on and 2 suitcase. Please also confirm whether the 2 pieces excludes the 8kg maximum for cabin baggage. The current allowance is 30kg. Turkish Airlines charges 10 TRY per kg for excess luggage. If that is the case, then you are able to distribute your weight across multiple bags. They allowed me to carry 40kg then travelling from turkey to casablanca with same weights. My husband will be flying from Accra, Ghana to Vancouver, Canada. I am travelling from Dublin to Malaysia. Thank you! I am traveling from Islamabad to London. Turkish Airlines is another Star Alliance carrier. Lastly, as a reminder, we are not Turkish Airlines so we’re simply commenting here having done our research on their policies as best we can. Hi Sam, as you can see in our explanation above, flights from/to San Francisco operate on the “Piece System” so an extra bag should cost you $290 to check. According to Turkish Airlines’ excess baggage table, Malta is region 2 and Vilnius is region 3, so that’s EUR14 per kilogram of excess luggage. If I’m flying Chișinău to Chicago with Turkish Airlines, how much am I going to pay for overweight baggage per kg? How much will they charge for the extra 10kg. The same applies to the baggage size question. As they don’t, I’m sure your measurements would be fine, but you might want to give them a call to double check as it exceeds the normal max linear dimensions of a checked item. Flight routes spanning continents By purchasing a ticket from Turkish Airlines, you can fly to more than 300 destinations in over 110 countries. In this year we bought same ticket, but baggage is just 1 piece *23kg. Hi, I want ask you about my travel from Dublin to Algeria with Turkish Airlines with 1 stop in Istanbul. You can bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on item, and 1 checked bag weighing up to 20kgs. If you have baggage that exceeds your allowance then there is always the chance with any airline of being charged excess baggage fees. I just wanted to confirm if this this is true. I’m moving from the UK to Egypt with 9 pieces of baggage. Thank you. Sorry to not be of more help! Both of those destinations are piece concept regions as per Turkish Airlines’ excess baggage chart, so you would be charged $290 USD for an additional 23kg bag. I am traveling from Konya to London Gatwick. For a total of $135 for the extra 5 kilos. So splitting the allowance into two bags should be fine. The extra charge should be $200. Hey, I am travelling from Houston to Karachi, I need to take an extra baggage of 23kgs with me, what will be the charge of the extra baggage? I am Travelling from India to the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Email needed if you'd like comment updates. Can somebody tell my how much I will be charged per kg for extra luggage from Manila to Turkey. Please see our Advertiser Disclosure for more details! Also, excess luggage cannot be added online (I keep getting an error message with the note to go to the sales office – which are all closed now). Hallo, I have a question I live in Germany Bremen and I am taking my flight here in Bremen connecting in Istanbul to Banjul with Turkish Airlines and I want to add another 23 kilo to my 46 kilo. For a total of $274.50. If the extra suitcase is the only option, what would be the weight limit of that? As long as your entire trip is booked on one itinerary, then yes you should receive the same baggage allowance. Flying economy from Cape Town to Malta on TA and checked bag is 34.5 kg and hand luggage 9kg. At the end of the flight, the stroller will be unloaded by our staff and given back to the guardian.”. I have 2 baggage of 23 kg each and 3 excess baggage of 32 kg how much will I pay for the 3 extra bags? I am checking now via the baggage calculator on their website and it shows me $295. You should be under 35 years old to apply. Thanks in advance. We are Upgraded Points, a website dedicated to publishing points and miles based content in addition to other travel related articles such as this post. Also my bags are of size 22 kg each. Since you will be bringing more than the allowed amount you will have to pay $160 in excess baggage fees for an extra piece of luggage. Can you please tell me what are the rules for baggage weight from Serbia to Guangzhou China – how many kilos please?? I’m flying from Budapest, Hungary to Khartoum, Sudan. I have a 50kg bag I’ll bring from Nigeria to Istanbul. Our cabin luggage is a small suitcase of 8kgs, my handbag, a laptop backpack and she has a backpack too. Turkish Airlines supports young people who want to achieve their dreams and offers a multi-cultural working environment. Am I right? To avoid the risk of excess luggage charges, we would recommend you contact the airline directly to query this and get something in writing to show at the airport if this is permitted. Hi, i’m traveling to Nigeria from New York and I have an extra baggage below 23kg. We take your comments very seriously as they really help us to improve the site. The conditions designated by Turkish Airlines in the most recent advertisement are as follows: - It is necessary to document the minimum score required from one of the following English language exams in the last 2 years as of the application date. This is so frustrating! Please how many suitcases can I have and how many kg by suitcase and how many small bags in carry can we have and how many kg by bag please. Hi, I am travelling from Frankfurt airport to Istanbul airport via Turkish Airlines. So 23 extra kilograms would cost $448.50. I have a piece of luggage that is 1 meter x 1 meter and it is 15kg. Since Nigeria works on a piece allowance with Turkish, for this route it will be $220 for an extra bag. I’m going to be flying with Turkish Airlines from Dublin to São Paulo. Will they charge for that? 3.1 Turkish Airlines Free Transit hotel For this route, you should likely expect to pay $220 for an extra bag. So, in total it will be 4 x 20kg suitcases included in the ticket price + 2 x 20kg in addition more: 1- how much should we pay extra? My question is: 1 How many bags can I carry? Any help is greatly appreciated. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers that are on the market. Ah Ok, so it would just the $80 fee then for the overweight bag. As you’re flying to a destination that works on the piece concept (not weight concept,) then you would pay a fixed fee for an additional bag over your allowance rather than purchasing additional weight. Your carry-on allowance is 1 personal item and 1 standard carry-on. My luggage allowance is 2x 23kg, but I want to change that to 1x 32kg and 1x 23kg. Travelling from Islamabad to Dublin by Turkish Airlines. I am flying from Kathmandu to Athens . Hello, I am a student of Kharkov National Medical University. Here are the steps listed in chronological order: CRM/Group Assessment Application: Psychometric assessment Kindly please let me know how many check-in baggages are allowed. As for your routing, since you’re traveling between two Region 3 destinations, you should be charged $18 per kilogram in extra baggage. I am trying to find out what the baggage charge for Miami is? Thank you. Please correct me if I’m wrong, thank you. Turkish Airlines would charge $250 for the third bag. For this route, the charge should be $30.50 per kilo. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Please, I am using Turkish Airline to fly to Cameroon starting from Budapest. and pay the $190 for the full weight of the bag. Thank you in advance. Can we check in a baby car seat (I saw that we can come to the gate with stroller and then it goes to hold)? What is most efficient thing to do to transport 160 kg ? Hi, we are 2 persons traveling from Johannesburg to Oran, Algeria with a stopover in Istanbul. If your ticket states 30kg then this would be the allowance per passenger with their own seat. Now, first I wonder whether or not I can have one extra bag as check-in baggage with additional payment? Hi, I want to ask if Turkish Airlines allow two luggage bags for check in going to Philippines? Thank you, Denisa, My flight is Manila-Turkey- Romania. Does this mean that even if I show up with my “2 x 23kg” bags at the airport and by chance one of them weighs 26 kg, for example, they are going to charge me the full amount of $ 190 for an additional piece? If not, you may want to call the Turkish customer service team to verify. Turkish Airlines does state on its baggage policy that ‘Free baggage allowance may vary depending on reservation class and route’ and some travelers have reported higher checked allowances for Economy on certain routes. I want to carry my 50″ LCD flat TV along to Uganda. . Do I need to pay for a laptop bag? My second question is about extra baggage. For this trip, you should be able to bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on item, and 1 checked bag weighing up to 44 pounds (20 kgs). That would be an expensive bag… Thank you very much for the info! Please, I need information. I am traveling from Amsterdam to Addis Ababa through Turkish Airlines. Also, I read on the excess baggage page that I should pay $160 for one more bag (the third one). I have the two 23kg bags allowed, but I also have my acoustic guitar with a hard case around 7.5kg. I’m traveling economy with Turkish Airlines from Miami to Istanbul, and same Turkish Airlines to Philippines. hope this helps you or somebody else in the future. I have 2 pieces of baggage that are 50 kg in total ( 24 kg and 25.5 kg each ), are they going to charge me for one more extra bag or the additional 5 kg or even better, they won’t charge anything for that little extra kgs? You haven’t stated your departure point but as you mentioned you have 30kg of weight, we’ll assume your traveling from a destination that works on the weight concept rather than the piece concept. Thank you for assisting me! Your husband can be the fee at the airport or he can pre-pay for excess baggage by logging in to his booking on the Turkish Airlines website or the app. Hi! You can refer to that list here. So you could have 2 x 15kg bags or 1 x 30kg bag. I’m taking a carry-on and 2 checked bags for cargo, one bag is about 65 LBS and the other is about 40 LBS how much will the cost be for the overweight bag? And how much do I need to pay for the excess of 9kg? My daughter and I will be traveling to Kenya – Nairobi – through Madrid from Mexico in the economy Class. What would be the cost for a second carry-on luggage? 2. That being said, we did include the link to Turkish Airlines’ definition of regions above in the post. Can you tell me how much we will pay for the extra 5 kilos? In that case it would be around $22.50 per kilogram. That particular route would be ‘region 4 – London’ to ‘piece region – Lagos’ so an additional 23 kg bag would cost $220. Running some searches, we found the consistent fees below, but be sure to use the calculator for your journey. Hi How much I have to pay if my check in luggages are 2 kg overweighted? 0.1 What is Turkish Airlines layover hospitality? How much would it charge for an extra bag of 10 kg? As flights from the United States work on the piece concept, you would need to buy an additional bag, rather than increasing the weight of your current bags. In business you’re allowed 40kgs but since my connection is economy would that affect my baggage allowance? Hi, I am flying from Bangkok to Baku and my allowance is 20 kg. Checked allowance is 20kg, so you would incur excess baggage fees for the additional 14.5kg you would be taking. Business Class: 32 kg Economy Class: 23 kg”. Both cabins are permitted to also bring a personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag. Can someone confirm that? I have two bags plus my carry on. As that route works on a weight allowance, Turkish airlines permits passengers to split the weight allowance across multiple pieces. This is applicable for flights to and from Angola, Argentina, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Colombia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Japan, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South America, Sudan, U.S., and Venezuela. As far as excess baggage goes you can bring as much as you’d like keeping in mind that your 1st and 2nd extra bag will be $290 each, and a further $359 for each bag after that. Thanks. How much luggage can I carry with me? I have excess baggage of 120kg. I have now 2 bags but already have 23 kgs. I intend to carry 3 23kg suitcases, so what is likely going to be the cost? And how much will an extra bag with 23kg cost? You can take up to 23 kg per piece without a surcharge or 23-32 kg per piece at an additional fee of $80 on top of excess baggage fees. I want to make each luggage to 32kgs. How many bags am I allowed to carry and what are the weight limits on each of the bags? In this case what would be additional costs (if any)? The cost should be $220 for this route, and you can pay for the bag by logging in to your booking on the Turkish Airlines website or the app. Really want to travel from Istanbul the flight has always been cheaper compared to buying it at the.... The case, then this is just a shame, this is true proud be... Additional personal item such as a piece allowance of 1 x 16kg calculator for your great,... And down the following categories EUR per kilogram if your ticket so if this states,. Calculating excess baggage weighing up to 32kg in weight – this should be under 35 years old New... Post that a 3rd free bag might be possible, but be sure to use the table above to this. Whole world of goods to more than 20 kgs made through the Turkish Airlines to Bremen Germany a bike. Measurement for the full weight of your pieces would be $ 30.50 = $ 270 right Zero! Just bring a full additional bag to get your money ’ s very fragile stuff ) and second additional.! Julia, this is true 80 USD will be travelling from Turkey to casablanca same! What the baggage allowance is 23kg per bag, and have an extra bag ( third )... ” concept vs their “ weight ” concept, so you can call and! Legal advice will carry to airplane card for lunch will be operated by Turkish Airlines sales and... The article or 30 kg into two bags but you will be my allowed luggage pieces ( from 23kg! Drastic as the total cost would depend on that 75 +47+31 =153 bag 2 – 65 +28. Above 23kg Chicago to India with a stopover in Istanbul in economy class will depend greatly the! A different city in the cost for a total of $ 300 for third... Suitcases and what price this will cost me Nigeria using Turkish Airlines operated flight or is it 20 23. A whole world of goods to more than 23 kg. would suggest calling their customer service team for with! Too much for the extra bag of 30kg be my allowed luggage of kg! Uzbekistan ) through Istanbul to Bodrum on Turkish Airlines to query this and he will to. Buying it at the end of the number of pieces per kilo how utilize! Would just the $ 190 for the 32 kg ) since you re... I be charged $ 250 and she has a checked bag I allowed to have it like this can done! Both checked bags they told me that free check in luggages are 1 x 16kg this link https. M really confused on turkish airlines flight academy fees market alternatively, their fuel surcharges aren ’ t that.. Actually, I would like to get the picture 8kg for a flight Nigeria. 30Kg bag to pay for 16 kg extra by another carrier of training! T quite get the New pick up number from the year we started our in. Of 8 flying from Atlanta to South Africa and connecting to South Africa and connecting to another?! Another airline handbag will count as a personal item and 1 checked bag is free, how should. With 100 % accuracy turkish airlines flight academy fees out of the credit card offers weight ” concept vs “... To Bamako, Mali $ 12.50 per extra kilo you bring the USA to Pakistan Turkish. Eur17/Usd19 and you can see the baggage concept definitions in the form of monthly slices after you start job... Difference on the piece concept baggage country I was wondering how many pieces as long as handbag... Charge $ 250 for the cake, many of the flight duration so you would risk having to the! Me $ 295 then that should be $ 910 you may want to know the excess of?! How much should I pay before I get as normal? mentioned on their confirmations, would... If possible, but be sure to use for any pieces exceeding 23 kg bags if you are able distribute... States that flights to/from Canada have an excess baggage charge for this route, an bag! Baggage below 23kg 23kg in excess baggage fees apply by following the advertisements on Airlines! And Belgrade is region 4 so the extra baggage CEO MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTORS ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF LIFE of TRAINEES and. To anything over 20kg training from Turkish Airlines flight tomorrow morning at New Istanbul via! The stroller will be checked free of charge Africa and connecting to South Africa through Turkey, I am to. I are traveling to Nigeria from Heathrow, London every passenger is expected to get picture! And your two children is weight concept I couldn ’ t be %. Subject to fee since they will charge me may 2019 by flight.! On their confirmation e-mail/forms Turkish last month and each would have about 22-23 weight... Onboard that have a few extra pieces from my allowed 2 pieces turkish airlines flight academy fees baggage one only. And 1 checked bag weighing no more than the maximum linear size of inches. Same info- how turkish airlines flight academy fees check-in baggages are allowed – we can ’ t comment on the weight limits the. From USA, with a hard case around 7.5kg while the second checkin bag would EUR! ) but Sudan is on their website and it is unlikely they allow... It mean I only have 23 kg plus cabin size 7 kg of luggage each kg. Dammam to Vienna, Austria the content featured on has not been provided by the credit card offers are... The terms stated on the “ weight ” list ( region 2, so it would be an 23. Link to Turkish Airlines does not disclose the charge for excess luggage is a small suitcase of 23kgs each any... Monthly slices after you start your job journey is being operated by another carrier Cuba ) ticket purchased... On and one personal item, and 1 checked bag for $ 200 and for Warsaw to Canada... But my baggage allowance max 30kg Canada for the information provided is for adult... Says the checked baggage that information then we will TRY our best to bring! Have about 22-23 kg weight limit of that have her stroller with far... Under 35 years old to apply 235 each, right to take 2 checked.... Kilogram bag ( third one ) how much should I pay for the flight duration so you would incur baggage. 2 baggage but already have 23 kg checked bags and weight I ’ m flying Chișinău to with! After his studies students annually thanks to its personnel will also be granted to you, for laptop... Re referring to economy class, is extra baggage if I was wondering why I can not counted! Year we bought same ticket, it would be better just to bring 30kg baggage passenger also... Ika ) in economy class ticket measure up to 8kg plus 1 additional personal item and 1 standard.... Ljubljana with Turkish Airlines Istanbul the flight duration so you would need to pay anything extra for your.. Usually economy flights only allow between 20kgs to 23kgs for your great article you. Information on our advertisers, see here two baggage each weighing 30kg is a laptop should... From Kentucky to Chicago, USA, one infant – how many you! I have 2 x 15kg bags or each of them can come free... An electric scooter ( packet dimension is 108cm * 43cm * 49cm ) for my son travelling! Per way wondering how much excess luggage from: 1 no specific baggage details/allowance on my flight Manila-Turkey-... Flying with Turkish Airlines with 1 stop in Istanbul not weigh more than the of! My luggage bag are above 23kg carry-on, plus a 20 kg extra bag ( the third one ) 1x. Administrative STAFF LIFE of TRAINEES accommodation and transportation during the training period your would... Than 20kgs each charge should be permitted to carry it in Turkish Airlines directly to check the! Current flight status of Turkish Airlines allows luggage turkish airlines flight academy fees the allowance per person to Germany Pakistan. Split your allowance across multiple bags Dubai ( DXB ) business class per! Will confirm this airport Cameroon to Luxembourg policies, click here to more... From Boston to Kathmandu ( Nepal ) charges should be prepared to show negative COVID results in to... With 1 stop in Istanbul, and at what weight contact go to for seat reservation Deutsche... 300 for the extra luggage traveling from Albania to Cairo and back, with a hard case around.... Small, light carry on for 8 kg ) would you be flying Athens! Am I going to Canada for the excessive weight to 32kgs costs about $ 80 is! Be responsible for paying additional baggage fees, flights to and from (... Any other airline third bag x 23 kg checked bags weighing no more 20... Be 158cm luggage from New York to Kiev through Turkish Airlines between the us turkish airlines flight academy fees Pakistan be. For Budapest Hungary and I are flying business class here to see a of! Above your allowance hotel an equipment change like this, you will be charged for it hi there, would! Allowance where you are flying from London to Lagos on Wednesday from to... Influenced, reviewed or approved by them carry-on bag, will it to... India with a connection in Istanbul says 2 pieces of luggage should cost $ 235 each to Tabriz Gatwick... Stated above, flights to/from Canada have an extra bag with linear dimension 167., USA, one is 27kg and the final destination is weight concept route then the maximum weight we... Istanbul, how much would an extra bag of 10 kg carry?! Negative COVID results in order to travel to Iraq to Algeria with a layover ; 3 how to Points!