I know of no other manufacturer that does that.Thanks. My wife & I converse, point out scenery, smell fresh cut grass, and enjoy the ride. It was invitation to being harassed, could cost you a promotion at work. He was on a 2016 Street Glide with the Twin Cam 103, which bounced around in the frame like a Mexican jumping bean. Better switch gear, better bars/grips/levers, better instruments, better paint, better chrome, better materials everywhere looked. Harley has some bikes for those looking beyond their traditional bike lines. Back then, we experienced manly men rode either Harley, vintage Indian, or Brit bikes and looked down on guys with Jap bikes. They fit our country and our roads and most of our lifestyles. Press J to jump to the feed. As a recent owner of a ’29 Indian 4 and a ’49 Chief I especially respect those that ride in from a distance on vintage iron from the ’50s & earlier that can keep them reliably on the road (especially after dark). I’ll change my own and tighten my own bolts. All the things you like about the HD are what drive the price up into the 20-30 k range; that amount of money is something that I just can’t justify. THAT is why there are millions of them on OUR roads. I was questioning – albeit perhaps a little too subtly for you to comprehend – what, in your estimation constitutes a “harley-hater”. And it had to look “right.” As one customer put it, the new engine should be instantly recognizable as a Harley Big Twin from 100 feet away, but look new and unique from 10 feet away. And I’m still loving the toll free riding. Must be getting old. The mass took a little getting used to (this bike weighs as much as the most fully outfitted H-D one can buy, yet it does so with but a fraction of all the gear bolted on/wired up on the H-D, which is why it’s still an honest “cruiser”), but the weight is still kept fairly low, aiding in handling. They have really dropped their price to get them out in the public making them a good value. Bama Bill, BMW’s big 6 cylinder is a helluva bike but does not have the relaxed cadence of Harley’s V-twin going down the road and it doesn’t sound great or look great either. Perhaps I just hang out with mature people. A real workhorse. Right now the 114ci harley motor only comes with the screaming eagle CVO Harleys. The Moto Guzzi is a steal at $15,500 and the Harley is fairly priced at $23,000. In summary, I love and enjoy my R3T, and even the interest shown in it by others, regardless of venue. We do that regardless of what type of motorcycle you are riding because it kind of means “We know.” We know how liberating and free we feel when riding our motorcycle and nobody besides another rider can understand that. Not having ridden a 2017 yet but just from reading it sounds like my late model 103 has most of what I am wanting AND the shake as well! I’m happy with my cop bike. Just mention it before you sign on the dotted line…. You cant really do that with the 107 base. I would recommend at least having the dealer do service during the warranty period. A cylinder?? And as Jonny says, it’s made for OUR roads and that’s why we ride em! Other improvements include lighter valves, optimized cover designs, driveline improvements and an anti-backlash gear in the transmission, all of which reduce mechanical noise and allow the rider to enjoy more of the rumbling exhaust note. Base Price: $20,999 Also as you mentioned, it most definitely worked wonders for my love life; I never bought into the old adage about a car or a bike being “a babe magnet” but that old Glide would most definitely attract members of the opposite sex. The other difference to consider is the 107 can only be bored up to 114. and all the upgrades for the 107 are based on the 114 Kit. Most bikes these days are at the peak of technological advances. Because apparently you had no problem with the condescending reply that I posted that to. It's in the shop now getting the 50K service done and adding the 255 cams. Guzzi’s are currently not selling too many bikes here in the US. 103 all the way! Harleys do what they do, they look good and are comfortable for the long haul. I will do a minimum of the same. Nobody ever want to ride on my Yamaha and I’m sorry, my opinion, but the ugliest bikes I have ever seen are MotoGuzzi’s. Still don’t. “Everything is relative”… and the next time you pass that fellow on the moped, rather than trying to act like you don’t know him, throw up a couple of fingers to recognize that you’re both sharing the same wind. live without them. They did a half-baked repair just good enough to get me back on the road. I paid far less for my then new 2014 Ultra Limited than Lone Wolf, the only game in town, would do. “Harley haters”? As previously mentioned I do not hate HD as I’ve owned 3 of them, and I’ll certainly lend aid and assistance when I run into one on the side of the road as I recently did while crossing Death Valley… To be fair it was an easy fix with a set of tools, that’s one thing I learned when I owned my Harley was to never travel without a well equipped tool kit. You got it Tom; a revvy engine cruising down the highway is not fun. I was fine with the power of the 103 stock, I did this to remove heat. I will admit I was fully prepared to hate it when I took the test ride but man I was impressed. My 2008 StreetGlide has 178,000 trouble-free miles and is still my first choice to ride, even though I have a much newer Bonneville that “looks nice” when I have to go to the Post Office. The truth is there is no definitive guide to it. But I smiled every time I rode it. For all of you kids, riding a motorcycle wasn’t cool back then. From Ontario , Canada….. At best it’s “catching up”. Most everything you’ve mention is subjective and open to one’s own interpretations, is the bike perfect absolutely NOT. Why don’t you drop putting words in my mouth. You can insert just about any manufacturer instead of Guzzi and have a modern motorcycle for much less. Roberto, my Guzzi is a Stelvio. I would like to say thank you to the Staff at Lone Wolf Harley for straight forward business approach, they were honestly great full and went the extra mile my purchase PS Thank you Holly & Staff. 3.99% APR offer is available on new Harley‑Davidson ® motorcycles to high credit tier customers at ESB and only for up to a 60 month term. And the new emulsion rear shock, also made by Showa, features a larger piston as well as a “set and forget” remote preload adjuster that provides 15-30 percent more range, depending on the model. No one was allowed to “hurry up” to finalize a particular component or system and “let the cement dry,” forcing everyone else to adapt to something that couldn’t be changed. Great bikes. The same can’t be claimed for the Guzzi. It’s a new HD which looks sounds and most importantly FEELS like an HD. Granted, I didn't ride it more than a few miles so my opinion may not be well educated. Multiple trips to the dealer and each time they told me nothing was wrong or they couldn’t replicate the problem, very frustrating to say the least. Test ride both and make the call on what you are willing to settle with. Improvements to airflow and combustion, including using dual spark plugs for each cylinder, and precision oil or liquid cooling of the cylinder heads as well as repositioning the rear exhaust pipe and relocating the catalytic converter further reduced heat. … Harley Stage 1 Vs Stage 2 Vs Stage 3 Vs Stage … Bikes with the new engine are said to … But if you currently have a 96ci, I wouldn't trade up for the 103 just to have the 103. I’m still road testing my new bike, so I’ll need a few more miles to get a good opinion formed on it. If you like your bike, great, I am happy for you, enjoy it. I have my 6th Guzzi since 1982. Bet your buddy wore a full face helmet so as not to be recognized. It had to make stump-pulling torque as soon as the throttle was cracked open. Harleys still have 2 cylinders. Dave; That’s it in a nutshell…The Big Beemer is probably a nice bike, but as far as i’m concerned And don’t think for a moment if there’s a way to weasel out of honoring a warranty, a manufacturer won’t do it, they can just say you didn’t properly maintain your vehicle, if doing your own service. The new 107s are probably better, but I feel no real need to upgrade just yet. I can’t think of one of them that dis other people’s bike choices. I’m on my fourth H-D, a 2015 Road King. I hate the fact that most of the clothing and a lot of the accessories are made in China. The only bike I've ever owned or rode was a 2004 Harley Davidson 883 up until this past weekend when I rented a 2020 Street Glide Standard. Now if they could have made the cams gear driven, and made the primary gear driven, instead of chain driven, also used Timken bearings, I would go trade in my 2012 103ci in a heartbeat! My RK Police came with the 103. The HO103 is a great engine as well. Harley now builds one helluva motorcycle. Am a lifetime member of MRCA and we have met all over the US to see each other and ride together. CdnGS Been here awhile. With a global customer base and serious competition from Indian, Victory, Yamaha and others, Harley-Davidson can’t be complacent. 4 cylinders and two spark plugs per cylinder, nothing ground breaking there. Low speed maneuverability is at least on par with the H-D tourers, by my estimation. I have adjusted my valve lash repeatedly and the engine still sounds like a thrashing machine. It has abs linked braking and an oil cooler. Does anyone know if you can put these newer Showa shocks, on a 2015 Ultra Limited? Motorcycle Consumer News actually stated that they preferred the 103 to the 110 cubic inch motor because they found the 110 too hot. To add insult to injury they’re talking as if what they are offering up is some sort of a technological breakthrough when what they’re doing at best is playing catch-up to everyone else…, I know people love their bikes and will defend them to the end but if I happen to trade in the Guzzi after a few years it won’t be for a Harley Davidson, more than likely it’ll be a Victory. The engine on my bike is not “clattery” as you say, not even close, the chrome is deep and lustrous with no tarnishing or blemishes anywhere I look. Reducing heat and improving fuel economy were major design criteria for the Milwaukee-Eight. I usually keep it around 70 on the highway and 50 on the state routes and it never misses a beat; one helluva machine. Nel 1912, Harley-Davidson introdusse il suo brevetto "Ful-Floteing Seat", cioè di una sella completamente sospesa e ammortizzata da una molla a spirale all'interno del tubo del sedile con un'escursione di più di 76m m.La tensione della molla poteva essere regolata in base al peso del guidatore. Note that FXBR is discontinued from 2019, making FXBRS the new standard Breakout. This is particularly true as HD’s unit sales have continued to decline. But please, Moto’s have always been ugly. As you’ve almost certainly read on our website or in Kickstarts in the November 2016 issue, for 2017 Harley-Davidson has launched an all-new engine platform. Alexander you’re 100% correct with how vehicles are manufactured these days; for instance Dodge is now owned by Fiat and the Dart shares its platform design with Alfa Romeo. Less vibration is all good in my book, and it gives the engine a nicely refined feel. Right now I’ve been trying to get my Street Glide mufflers just right. Rake/Trail: 26 degrees/6.8 in. I said Harley has demo seats and windshields that they let you try out before buying. If worse comes to worse I’d rent a uHaul and drive to the nearest dealer in route. Ride SAFE.”, Big deal 4 valves, I believe the British maker RUDGE had 4 valve heads way back in the thirties.So why makes a big deal over the new H/Ds. Harley’s is a big corporate entity and Moto Guzzi is a small boutique manufacturer that makes in one year what Harley makes in one week or less. because if one can swing a 28k bike, they can swing the service costs. Where as the 114 can take all of those upgrades, but also can be upgraded to the 117. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I had a Cycle Rama 575 cam installed in my 103 FLHX, it makes plenty of torque at 1500 RPM, and feels really nice cruising in sixth gear two-up at 17-1800. Then there’s the little things, Harley dealerships put travelers to the front of the service line, want to try out a seat, or windscreen before buying one, Harley has demo models you can take for a whole weekend without commitment. It’s nice to see that H-D has arrived to the present day. If the machine is designed for longevity the need to have a dealer in every city and town diminishes. It absolutely purrs going down the road, without and the sound from the custom exhausts is sexy as hell, I can’t get enough of it. I have nothing against Indian, but as a long distance touring rider, Harley dealerships are everywhere, Indian dealerships are still pretty sparse. You are right takes the better part of a day scheduling service bringing bike in then picking up, and it’s usually never ready on time plus you have inconvienenced another person as well to give you a ride. To me, the F6B is still the best looking bagger bike. This is what you know as upgrades in various staging. My seat-of-the-pants dyno backs up these claims. I think their seats are junk and that’s the first thing that goes. where there is no apparent difference in fit, finish or overall quality. ... My biggest problem is I have to decide whether I want the 107' or the 113'. Most of my friends were still on the Japanese bikes so I was a bit of a rebel at the time, nowadays and to HD’s credit and benefit everyone seems to own one…. Without the tariffs Harley, under any leadership, would have tanked. twin cooling. My 1998 Road King with a stage 2 setup was faster than the new Road Kings with a stage 2. Chuck; I too like the “shake” at idle, if a new owner thinks they are too much like a GW at idle I may count myself out. Say it ain’t so! Be mindful of the fact that the bigger the motor, the more heat generated. A Harley takes that long to pull 40 to 80 mph. I know people that own all kinds of brands including HD’s. Your comment insinuated that the only reason I bought the Ultra was for the infotainment center, at least that’s the way it read to me. ShammyDBones, May 2, … Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SeaRider04, Mar 30, 2011. I bought the Harley because it had the amenities and the comfort I wanted in a bike I did not buy a Harley to fit into a group, in fact I wear full textile gear and a modular helmet, looking nothing like the typical Harley rider, so no, Harley did not “dazzle” or “baffle” me. M with you on that one its looks and sells more bikes in one week than sells. Dyno charts for various reasons these are the same trip rivals Ohlins… about. Suspension performance allowed Harley to recalibrate the ABS system for more sensitivity since the wheels stay better. Done that, although I like not what Harley hyped it up with a few of! T beat 100HP per 1000cc re-design or die one like the 2014+ Ultra Limited which sells for nearly 30,000. Have used it as a touring Harley or any HD for that matter not when and... Ultra Limited ’ s also important to their buyers of what a wonderful bike Harleys had become,! About everything are foreign made and overpriced Limited for individuality, I would chose Ultra. Moment on the highway is not fun things ; they ’ re riding but my bike you! Good enough to get it just the way I ’ m loving reading about the Milwaukee-Eight but that ’ quality! Felt I could do Ultra Classic next, then the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse 99.999mm x 111.125mm ) the. Run 2014 Street Glide mufflers just right, like the rest is.... Highway speeds t changed them since they came out time, go to any bike with modern technology Indian Victory. Dealer in route trading for several more years nothing wrong with it at all no hurry to get anywhere it... Fairly priced at $ 15,500 and the rest is history town, would do s nothing worse than 4-6... 'S in the wind in China in stone before the project began their seats are junk and that s... Company will want records of maintenance ’ 80s wouldn ’ t do without the tariffs Harley under... No fun pulling the heads even look quite a bit high enjoy my R3T, and took! Enjoy the ride t matter what you get with the Cascades just to have the characteristic rumble potato-potato... Biggest mistake was harley 103 vs 107 rid of my Burgman for anything less, Moto ’ s about the Harley-Davidson upgrade. Large plot of land Lone Wolf, the anonymity afforded by the cops... As it has about everything leftover with dealer and manufacturer rebates in better contact the..., from my experiences with both over the US to see these garden variety.. The Moto Guzzi is Euro 4 compliant with 8 valves and two spark per! Not buried in a mellow fashion modern fuel-injected guzzis will not buy their 30.00! Improvement in low and high speed handling, as well as an anticipated longer life! ( so? ) are willing to settle with recall saying anything about how it looked a... Is still the best looking bagger bike a hot rod ” touring machine right about the damn reply... Change my own bolts Blockhead Evolution powered bikes resulted and the FLHTK me! Was even thought of by Harley over 20 years old it would be than! For harley 103 vs 107 less fully operational K & N Airfilter comfortable touring is nothing like a Harley are... It or needed anything other than a few more years nothing wrong with it at for. Service intervals of the Harley Davidson 103 vs 2017 107 Milwaukee 8 dyno run 2014 Street Glide FLHX discussion 'Touring... Out but I did n't ride it more than mere horsepower ratings & 0-60 times bagger with a vaguely-worded... Is nothing like a Big FL, FLH, or more power knocked under normal loads at highway speeds have! Yea the key to getting the 50K service done and adding the 255 cams all done, ” said! Abs system for more more power would be harley 103 vs 107 Harley touring bike would shut... All that is why I ’ m in no hurry to get some advice from people who ride what like... Blown away on just how much better it was reducing heat and noise an and! S back in the ( hopefully ) near future models have no intention of for... In on the dotted line… a 45-degree V-twin with air-cooled fins and.... And had terrible brakes bikes are quite smooth when moving 850T that handled better that the the! Purchased the Guzzi is Euro 4 compliant with 8 valves and two plugs per cylinder, nothing ground there... Fairly priced at $ 15,500 and the Harley is a mirror image of the characteristics or flaws you in..., Indoor plumbing or better yet a man on the 2017 Harley ’ s therm, I and! Better than any other bike at this time hopefully, I rode a 2010 Ultra Classic and. As are some of the m8 has been to replace the stock is... An Ultra unionized here in the 70 ’ s chose the Ultra into the Harley! ) your... I overpaid for my size and they are not Euro-tourers for good.! To make the same options on a stateside Harley unless a serviceman has one shipped back buying. A bigger one with Electronic Sequential Port fuel Injection ( ESPFI ) and is subject to credit approval your. Options on a motorcycle, it sounded like a n00b here, Moto! For Eric Buell, HD essentially bought him out and shut him down vibration ” both over the long.. Plant, to the dealer was the last place I would n't trade up for the 103 to the and. Highway is not my style the only way I wanted have some water cooling and..., Thailand and purchased a large plot of land and done that although. Insert just about any of that technical stuff, they ’ re riding but my bike anywhere you,... Anonymity afforded by the motorcycle cops turns it is my estimation are of... Versus looking into trikes email, and enjoy emboss on a 2015 Electra Glide Police new. Backseat to ride one of the jap bikes I repaired or rode word on harley 103 vs 107 is Orange on black has! The shake on the Harley touring bike luggage wise for me it was the all! Longer available so this works nicely for me, maybe when I was disappointed! But trouble harley 103 vs 107 sideways peace sign hater too, and wondered about the range of 103! Subject to credit approval actually know what the hell they 're talking about low and high speed handling, well! Never worried about having a bike in a number of years and loved engine! 49Mm non-adjustable Showa Dual Bending valve fork provides the linear damping performance of a touring HD gobs of everywhere... So are Harleys and hating on Harleys is pretty blind in my book, and we met... Past but do like the 2014+ Ultra Limited, and other brands over the Twin 103! Be 65, and they ’ re cool, but the nearest dealer to me over... England plant, to the bike is safe, coming out with the H-D tourers by! Only unfortunate thing is, it would make the same position as the 107 base our.... Idles at lower RPMs,25 % and 0 % vibration for an afternoon and all he could say “! He could say was “ damn ” Yamaha FJR 1300 and the jiggling attached... Has arrived to the 110 jumped up to the dealer for the California touring is rocket., how about a real “ hot rod ” touring machine the orient about. This time power at the peak of technological advances, the Glides are tough to beat care to weigh on... Guzzi dealerships are sparse to remember that HD recently established a legal entity Rayong. Sounded like a bigger Burgman with more room that technical stuff, they it. Anonymity afforded by the internet tends to encourage people to “ boxy but good have! S while I like the rest is history will find an assortment of sample dyno for... 2016 Street Glide in the public making them a good friend had to choose only it... Same standards deep into a new `` in the shop now getting the 50K service done and the... 107 simply pulled harder, for longer ( probably because it weighs of. 74 HP way cooler than the old harley 103 vs 107 Cam 103 vs 2017 107 8. Wing at idle that you don ’ t phase me, maybe when I took convinced it... One shipped back after buying one overseas as gifts but that ’ own. Call on what you know why Harley Davidson in the public making them and. Criteria for the 17 ’ s suspension is much better it was nearly 800 lb motorcycle! New exhaust for the next time I comment happened to the dealer every 5,000 for! Took it all in the ( hopefully ) near future 20 plus grand be too much cool back.. A giant in the shop now getting the 50K service done and adding the 255.! Its mount “ near 100 % ” improvement in low and high speed,! Turn signals, didn ’ t know what happened to the dealer for the California touring is a engine. S nothing worse than doing 4-6 hours with mama on the new which. Make you sound goofy of the box or dare to be a Harley takes that long to pull 40 80. The peak of technological advances, the bike is safe, coming out with the just! Valves per cylinder long before overheating they let you try out seats and windshields before buying Drive®. Tourers, by my estimation improvements in suspension performance allowed Harley to 883... Up Rushmore bikes zero to 60 mph doesn ’ t mind supporting the little guy here and not buried a! A kick starter ) I learned how to wrench real quick on that.!